domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013

Afinal não fui, foi o meu cérebro.

(…)Like the wallaby we have thousands, if not millions, of wired-in predilections for various actions and choices. I don’t know about wallaby minds, but we humans think we are making all our decisions to act consciously and willfully. We all feel we are wonderfully unified, coherent mental machines and that our underlying brain structure must somehow reflect this overpowering sense we all possess. It doesn’t. Again, no central command center keeps all other brain systems hopping to the instructions of a five-star general. The brain has millions of local processors making important decisions.
(…)The lingering conviction that we humans have a “self” making all the decisions about our actions is not dampened. It is a powerful and overwhelming illusion that is almost impossible to shake. (…)

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