terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

Caro Chekhov, a felicidade falsamente induzida é um sentimento sobrevalorizado

(…)"I love you, Nadia!

"Heavens, what an effect my words had on Nadia! She cried out and stretched forth her arms to the wind, blissful, radiant, beautiful, . . 

.And I went to pack up my things. All this happened a long time ago. Nadia married, whether for love or not matters little. Her husband is an official of the nobility, and she now has three children. But she has not forgotten how we coasted together and how the wind whispered to her:

"I love you, Nadia!"

That memory is for her the happiest, the most touching, the most beautiful one of her life.

But as for me, now that I have grown older, I can no longer understand why I said those words and why I jested with Nadia.

In A Joke, Anton Chekhov

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