domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Solo estéril

Overcoming of the passions.— The man who has overcome his passions has entered into possession of the most fertile ground; like the colonist who has mastered the forests and swamps. To sow the seeds of good spiritual works in the soil of the subdued passions is then the immediate urgent task. The overcoming itself is only a means, not a goal; if it is not so viewed, all kinds of weeds and devilish nonsense will quickly spring up in this rich soil now unoccupied, and soon there will be more rank confusion than there ever was before.
Friedrich Nietzsche, in The wanderer and his shadow
Nietzsche estava enganado. Quando se ultrapassam as paixões resta a aridez de um solo estéril onde nem a flor do deserto consegue medrar.

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