sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

berlin means nothing to me

i’ll never make it tonight.
no trapeze on full-moon nights.
not the last time, the very last time.
i have to wake up from this dream.
the circus is over.
all over.

once again night falls inside my head.
why not die?
sometimes, beauty is the only thing that matters.

to look in the mirror is to watch yourself think.
so what are you thinking?
i think i still have the right to be afraid, but not to talk about it.

you haven’t gone blind yet. your heart is still beating.
and now you’re crying.
you’d like to cry like a very sad little girl.
do you know why you’re crying? for whom?

not for me. i don’t know anymore.
i’d like to know. i know nothing.
i’m a little afraid.
it’s gone already. all gone.

it’ll come back…

it doesn’t matter.

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